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The Perfect Guide For Your Cesarean Delivery!


What is the most spectacular wonder in the world? No! It is not the Taj Mahal or the Niagra waterfalls! The process of a mother giving birth to a baby is the biggest wonder! Usually, when we speak of childbirth, we consider it as a normal birth. But not everyone gets the chance to give birth to a baby naturally. Sometimes birth time complications, position of the baby or many other factors might lead to a cesarean birth. If you are an expectant mother preparing for a cesarean delivery, here is the perfect guide for a gentle cesarean birth plan for you! The link,,20411810,00.html helps you to take a sneak peek into the experiences of an expectant mother who is preparing for her cesarean.

Since cesarean is surgery, it is only natural that the expectant mothers start feeling a cold feat as the days come nearer. The thought of operation tables, bright hanging lights, masked doctors, nurses, fear of Anastasia and even the sight of those silver medical, surgical tool tray sends down chills down your spine. But, cool down ladies! It is not as scary as you had imagined it to be! You are not going to watch an eerie film; instead, you are going to give birth to one of the most beautiful babies on earth! Just the thought of a cutie pie resting in your arms and smiling at your face can wash off all the fears in the blink of an eye! Here are some tips that can help you prepare well in advance for the cesarean:

Pack Up The Bags
Unlike normal delivery which comes up unannounced, cesarean deliveries are usually scheduled on a date. Even if it is not so, the doctors might tell the dates that might be considered for the surgery in advance itself. So, you can also be prepared in advance for the surgery. In normal births, the mother just has to stay in the hospital for 1 or 2 days. But a mother who has undergone a C-section will have to stay in the hospital for a minimum of 4-5 days or maybe even longer. Hence, always make sure you pack up enough clothes for your stay. Remember to take loose fitting clothes as your caretaker can easily help you wear after the surgery.

Take care to choose clothes that have buttons or zips in front as you will have to start breastfeeding the baby soon after the effects of Anastasia are over. Try to choose soft clothes with no rough or sharp-edged design works on it as your little one has to snuggle close to his/her momma and get a good night’s sleep. If the hospital rooms are cold, you will have to take sweaters, sweatshirts, socks, waistbands, etc.

You also have to take your makeup items, body lotion, toothbrush, paste, hair combs, soap, lip gloss and a pair of new slippers. Also, don’t forget to pack enough stuff for your little one. Remember to pack diapers, baby towels, white clothes, and baby soaps for your little one. From this day onwards, you are going to pack for a little one too whenever you pack to go anywhere!

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