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Review On 21-Day Fitness Program


A 21-day fix is a home exercise course designed by Autumn Calabrese. She assures that within 21 days you can lose maximum 15 lbs of weight. Read this article to know how is it possible.

The 21-day workout program is a three-week exercise for seven days in a week. It is not only focused on getting you good looking in 21 days but also teaching you the healthier foods to consume and fitness exercise you want to do not only for the fitness program but also for the entire life to stay fit and healthy.

In the 21 day fix challenge pack, you will get two DVDs, a workout calendar, and you can also buy Yoga mat if required. The fitness site suggests 21-day fitness course is the right choice for people looking to burn fat in a short period.

It is a right option for beginners looking for fitness program as well as people who struggle with tough workouts and less healthy food eating habits.This course focuses on losing 15 lbs weight in 21 days using simple eating and simple exercise program. Once you decrease decent weight after this three weeks program, you must stick to the exercise and food habits so that you will not add extra weight.

Autumn Calabrese is the trainer of this program and it is a new and unique workout method when compared to other fitness option available in recent days. This program helps you to learn some wonderful fitness exercise. It focuses on different types of moves that use every part of your body and the repetitive moves help you to burn extra fat.

You must watch two DVDs that come along with this program. Each DVD has three workouts and totally you will get 6 workouts in both the DVDs. Each workout is different and unique in its own way and they will facilitate you to lose fat within half an hour of workout.

For the first fifteen days of the course, the trainer suggests one workout per day and for the rest of the days, two workouts you want to perform two workouts. The six various workout strategies of this workout program help in the total fitness of your body. The Upper fix and Lower fix workouts of the course help in making a truly proportional body. Normally, the upper fix focuses your torso, arms, shoulders and back whereas the Lower Fix targets your legs and buttock.

It also includes Cardio workout and Yoga workout. The Yoga workout contains the muscle-soothing poses and stretches that improve your body flexibility. The workout calendar is very easy to follow and the course is 21 days long. The calendar is segmented into three weeks with thirty minutes fitness routine for a day.

In the initial days, thirty minutes look like a long period but once you are used to the exercises, you will find it very simple to do. The goal of the workout calendar is to make you follow healthy exercise habit daily. If you are looking for faster weight loss program, then this is the perfect option.