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Steps to Start your Blog

How-to-Start-a-Blog-Make-it-PrettyDo you want to share your thoughts with the world? Well, it is possible by blogging. It is an excellent way to share your opinions, thoughts and views to the public. Most people think that blogging is a complicated task. They would imagine that it is expensive and need lot of hard work. You do not have to pay when you choose a free blog platform. There are several websites that allow you to create blog for free of cost. You need to choose a website and start to create your contents. As a blog starter, it is recommended to browse and get sufficient tips from leading sites like When you read suggestions and tips on various sites, you can apply and make your blog a popular one.

#1 Choose a topic:
You can choose any topic to create a blog. It can even be your daily experience or something you did today. If you have the habit of writing your daily activities in a diary or book, you can start to write in a blog. If you are looking to earn money through your blog, you need to choose a trendy or hot topic. This way, you can easily earn money.

#2 Select web hosting service:
There are platforms like Blogger, WordPress, etc. that allows you to create a blog for free of cost. You do not have to pay. You need to sign up with your email id. You can start to write contents as you wish. You have the freedom to post your contents on the social media sites. But when you want to earn money, it is not the right choice. You need to use a paid service. It is not expensive. You need to renew your domain once in a year. Once you have finalized the type of web hosting service, you can start to proceed accordingly.

#3 Configure the settings:
It is simple to configure the settings. At the start, you may not know how to change the template, background or add images. As you spend an hour or two every day, you will know how to customize and apply the settings.

#4 Start to create contents:
You need to post original contents. Do not copy-paste from other blogs or website. When you add informative and original contents, it will easily get much exposure in the search engine. If you enjoy writing, you will love to create blogs under your name. You may even start to spend at least one hour a day on your blog.

#5 Share your blogs:
Once you publish, you need to share the link to the social media pages. It will help your friends, colleagues and relatives to easily click and read your blog. You can also use sites Digg and Stumbleupon to promote the blog. Ensure to write articles and press releases to advertise the blog. When you see active visitors in your blog, it encourages you to write more and more contents.

Blogging is simple if you know the tricks and knacks. It does not take much time.

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