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Essential Oil And Its Link to Lifestyle


The essential oils are being used historically by many country’s people as it has many health benefits. Some essential oils have usage records more than 1000 years back. Some essential oils have natural antibiotic and antimicrobial properties which are good to cure many medical illnesses. Some essential oils are very expensive because you have to use enormous quantities of plant leaves, seeds and flowers to produce a very small amount of essential oils. The is very useful to people who are new to integrating essential oils into their daily routines. According to, the essential oil can be used in many forms such as bath soap, liquid, perfumes and food items.

Quality Check
· Scents are very famous nowadays and many people are using different aromatic scents as part of their lifestyle culture. Buying a good quality essential oil is really a difficult task because you cannot check the quality just by reading the label description. The process of making essential oil is really complicated and a lengthy process. Only the pure essential oils have many health benefits. Some essential oils are made out of using chemicals which are dangerous to human health.

· The quality of essential oils may differ from brand to brand due to many different factors namely weather conditions, growing conditions, harvesting methods, manufacturing techniques and even storing methods. There are some international guidelines for making essential oils. You can guarantee the quality of the final product only if it is certified for the purity by statements. High-quality products are really expensive and hence you can easily find out the quality level if you get the essential oil for a lower price.

Scents and Nervous System
Some kinds of essential oils can boost your blood circulation level if you inhale their pleasant smell. If your blood circulation is good, it will boost your immune system and it is good for your health. Also, the pleasant smell can control the limbic method of a human brain. The limbic system controls your memories and emotions. Some study results revealed that some scents made out of essential oils can improve your nervous system.

Lavender andJasmine
Lavender oil can be used for curing depression and sleeping problems. Some study results revealed that lavender has no sedative properties and hence there is no potential drug problem. Lavender oil can boost your mood and is also good for reducing your depression level.Jasmine oil is famous for many medical benefits such as boost your breath rate, increase the oxygen level in blood and also good for blood pressure.

Usage Tips
1. Apply few drops of essential oil on your skin directly and do a proper massage.
2. Add one or two drops in one bucket of water while taking a bath.
3. Add few drops in a hot steamer and then you can inhale the fragrance.
4. Add few drops and heat them in a diffuser.
5. Apply one or two drops of essential oil directly to pulse points and gently rub them.
6. Use few drops in cleaning sprays and room deodorizers.
7. Add few drops while laundering clothes.

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